About Us

We are a team of passionate artists who love what we do & focus on a high vibrational life so that we can make you feel as good as we can make you look!

Relax & Enjoy

Wax & Relax has been Ann’s dream since she started in the beauty business in 1996. The vision really became clearer when she started her own business in 2005 after working in a Spa for 4 years. She desired a sanctuary type of space where you could really get comfortable & relax. She wanted a calming, positive & uplifting atmosphere where negativity can not exist. She has been searching for a team of truly passionate artists who are happy, talented & who not only work together with ease, but also grow together!

After mastering skin care & waxing services it was time to find great people to teach & cultivate a team.
Many years of preparing for this, here we are! Come visit, meet our team & experience Wax & Relax!

We believe:
Wax and Relax Lobby Area


Take a peak at our relaxing environment

Our Staff

A team of talented women who are here to help you look & feel beautiful!

Ann Reed

Ann Reed

Owner/Aesthetician, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki, Waxing Educator, Tu’el Skin Care Specialist


Harley Shannon

Aesthetician, Waxer, & Tu’el Skin Care Specialist


Sav Saverino

Licensed massage therapist specializing in therapeutic massage, deep tissue, Swedish, Cupping & Hot Stones, Myofascial Release, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Assisted Stretching

Emily - Reiki Master, Yoga Nidra & Spiritual Life Coaching

Emily Flores

Reiki Master, Yoga Nidra & Spiritual Life Coaching

Michelle Heller - Yoga Teacher

Michelle Heller

Our private & Virtual Yoga Teacher

Autum Storm Private & Virtual Astrologist

Autum Storm

Private & Virtual Astrologist


We Offer

Tu’el Skin Care

Amazing Botanical skin care

Blue Lotus Organic Botanicals

Blue Lotus

Organic body care products. Designed by our owner Ann who is a certified aromatherapist & aesthetician. Body wash, body lotion, body oil, body butter, bath soak, body mist, lip balm & custom created blends.


The best brow products to keep your brows looking like perfection! Fill in, define & highlight your brows!

Crystals, bracelets & malas

Crystals, bracelets & malas

Lots of unique crystal pieces in our little crystal shop!

Blinc mascara

Blinc Masacra

The best masacra ever! Removes with lots of water & gentle pressure without leaving any residue around your eyes! It’s a pleasure to wear this mascara!

Sage, frankincense & palo santo Products

Sage, frankincense & palo santo

Burn away bad vibes & raise your vibration